Providing Clean Drinking Water & Jobs Drilling Deep Wells

 Our Plan

Having established a successful working model of drilling wells in Mozambique we are now moving into a new phase to expand the work of Robins-Song. Our goal has always been to partner with other missions, clinics, churches, and organizations and assist them with their water needs in developing countries.  To accomplish this more effectively we are beginning a program of expanded training right here in Iowa.

Each year hundreds of short term mission teams are sent out from the Midwest and specifically eastern Iowa to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to areas of Africa, India and other developing countries.  These same teams come back to the states on to rest, train and build their support base. It is these individuals we will come along side and train to use our proven model of drilling deep water wells.  

Learn about YOUR PART in bringing water to people in need.

Local training provided for the mission teams will include:

  • Locating the best sites for wells
  • Recruiting Drilling Team members
  • Procurement of supplies 
  • Drilling wells using hand tools
  • Installation of the pump
  • Maintenance training to repair broken pumps 
  • Obtaining funding for future wells

After training these mission teams will travel back to their respective countries, locate drilling team members composed of local residents in that country, and teach them how to dig and install deep water wells for their communities.

Robin's Song's stated purpose is:

  • To make available clean drinking water in areas of great need. 
  • To help people to support themselves with an income from drilling deep wells. 
  • To show God's love to the people we serve that they may know Him as their personal Lord and Savior.

By working with the missionaries, clinics, churches and organizations who are already there we can make the biggest impact.