Over the years Robin's Song has developed a proven model for drilling deep water wells, providing income for Drilling Team members and sharing the Gospel.  Here is how the plan works.

  • Our first step when we go into an area is to establish a Drilling Team of three individuals (a foreman and two workers). The team does the work of drilling wells with hand tools, assembling and installing pumps and doing all the physical work needed to get the wells up and running.  

  • We work side by side with the teams to drill wells and work out any problems that might arise. We teach workers how to use the hand tools that have proven themselves effective around the world.  

  • Each Team Foreman is taught how to handle the money issues as well as how to contact organizations in the area about new sites for future wells. 

  • The Team Foreman works alongside his team to oversee the success of each job. He is also responsible for contacting charitable organizations and missionary groups in the area to finance the costs of other wells.

  • Most small villages would not be able to afford the cost of a well, but these organizations and missionary groups could. 

 Proven Model

Providing Clean Drinking Water & Jobs Drilling Deep Wells

Our next project involves working with YWAM in Quelimane.  Click to see a video on their mission work.

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A Drilling Team using hand tools.

  • One important factor is to not use heavy equipment that uses gasoline or diesel energy to drill the wells. Companies that are hired to come in with large equipment are very expensive and would go against the value of doing the work for the people. Besides, even simple machines with engines require specialized maintenance to keep them running requiring more people and training. 

  • A portion of the price charged for the well construction is set aside to fund the maintenance of the tools and vehicles. The price per well also includes funds for wages for the Drilling Team, thus providing these workers with a reasonable standard of living in their local economies. They now have jobs and the pride of ownership that goes along with the Drilling Team business ownership.