Providing Clean Drinking Water & Jobs Drilling Deep Wells

Robin's Song Mission...

Equipping people and training them to provide safe, clean drinking water for their communities.


Our Purpose...

  • Make available clean drinking water in areas of great need.
  • Help people to support themselves with income from drilling deep wells
  • Show God’s love to the people we serve that they may know Him as their personal Lord and Savior.

Putting our faith into action…

  • Bringing fresh, clean water along with the life-giving Gospel of Jesus Christ to reach the poorest of the poor.
  • Partnering with other missions, clinics, churches, and NGO organizations to assist them with their water needs in developing countries.
  • Making a difference in the quality of life for poor and needy people in rural areas around the world who have no access to safe water.
  • Showing the compassion of Christ by putting action to our beliefs.

Expanding our mission…

We have established a successful working model for drilling wells in Mozambique and we have now moved into the country of Chad. Click on photo to view a short 2 minute video on how ​Robin's Song Makes a Difference in Chad Republic (click the enlarge symbol for a full-screen version)

Your donation + Their hard work = Healthy smiles for all

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