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            How did Robin's Song decide to drill wells in Chad?  Here is a little history.

            In June, 1999, Esaie Toingar was rescued by UN refugee services in Nigeria and was brought to Sioux City, Iowa.   He and his wife had experienced terrible atrocities in Chad, one of the poorest countries in Africa.  Sixteen months later his wife, Brigitte followed him to America.

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            Esaie made a trip back to Chad in 2010 to visit friends and family, but also to evaluate living conditions there.  He was heartbroken to see that the effects of ethnic warfare and social injustice continued in his native country. 

            “In some countries people progress,” Esaie mourned, “but in Chad, and especially in my region, there is a continuous regression.”

            Esaie took videos while he was in Chad.  Upon his return he shared clips of his trip with friends, Mark Griffioen and Brian Perry.   Both men were inspired to help.

            Griffioen is a senior mechanical engineer at Rockwell Collins in Cedar Rapids, IA.  Perry is a founder of “Robin's Song”.  Both men joined Esaie on his next trip to Chad.  They visited many villages in the region, shared the “Jesus” film, and investigated water conditions.

            “Believers, non believers and traditional leaders welcomed us with great joy wherever we went,” Esaie said.  “The trip helped people discover American hospitality and their compassionate love of Christ for people in poor countries.

            It rains for three months in Chad, during which time farmers are working their fields. Wells must be dug in the dry season when the water table is at its lowest, insuring that the people will have water all year round.  We began digging deep water wells in Chad in 2015. To date there have been eight wells dug providing clean, fresh water to whole villages. 

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