Over the years Robin's Song has developed a proven model for drilling deep water wells, providing income for the drilling team members, and sharing the Gospel.  Here's how the plan works:

  • When we go into a new area our first step is to select a drilling team of three to four individuals that will drill the bore hole, assemble and install pumps
  • The team also works with local volunteers that will assist them with the work. This involvement gives the volunteers a sense of pride and ownership of their new well.
  • We teach the workers how to use hand tools that have proven themselves effective around the world. We work side-by-side with the teams to drill the wells and work out any problems that may arise. 
  • It has been observed by those dealing with wells and clean water work, that often a well is dug, installed and functioning only to be abandoned a short time later due to lack of maintenance.  Our goal is to have our wells operational for many years by following a scheduled maintenance plan as established by the pump manufacturers.  Our crews are trained to do these scheduled repairs.

  • Teams are taught how to handle money issues. They work along side their teams to oversee the success of each job because most villagers in undeveloped countries, will not have the money to pay for the well. Teams are taught how to contact area organizations for funding of other wells. The costs of the wells are also paid for by donors like you. (see “Your Help”)
  • The amount of the wages are based on the local economy which gives them the pride of running their own business.


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